AR Pop-Up Brochure

Turn boring paper brochures to live , interactive content so that your team can better demonstrate the key aspects of your offerings to customers. By just pointing their mobile device at an image or a brochure, catalogue or poster , customers can experience relevant 3D content , videos and interact with it.

AR Off-Store Solution

Retailers today are challenged to reduce catalogue printing costs yet providing a good shopping experience. Augmented reality solutions can help bring static print catalogues to life where customers can experience the product and interact with it.

Customers can point their mobile devices at the catalogue, wherein the product can be shown and interacted with in 3D or using videos. As compared to a static product image in a brochure, imagine if the user can see the product in 3D, interact with it, view an explanatory video or demo of the product features, and provide possibilities of up-sell; all these increase significantly customer engagement which leads to increased sales.

Interactive Training Solutions

Immersive VR technology helps individuals learn faster and more effectively, improving reaction time, pattern recognition, and decision-making in the real world. What’s more, the data and insights drawn are unlike anything else: the most accurate assessment of performance and preparedness for real-life situations.

Immersive technology is changing the way organizations train their people. Gain an edge today with these proven advantages:

VR Experience Zone

As a real estate development company, a design firm or an architectural consultancy imagine if you could start selling your projects right from the concept stage without even building a model or a show apartment , imagine the power of letting your customers experience all the shades, textures, the look and feel of the project without investing in building physically all the samples , imagine potential customers in the city experiencing your beautiful project in the country side without travelling , imagine your customer being wowed with the most unforgettable cutting edge technology experience !

All that is possible with our Virtual Reality Experience Center where we provide a turn key solution and build the entire experience of your project inside your sales office. Customers will be able to walk around , open doors and cabinets , experience in real world scale and feel as if they are actually there in the site.

VR In-Store Solution

What if your customer could visualise all your furniture SKUs , all variants , across all your stores in a small 3 s.q. meter area , saving precious retail space and logistics costs. Our VR Kiosk based solution does just that , as if the units were actually present in front of the customer. The customer would be able to experiment, interact and see how furniture will fit in context to their rooms dimensions.


A dynamic visual display of your project at your fingertips. Highly customisable to keep your project differentiated and to suit your audience. Our thoughtful creatives design for excellence and experience.